Fascinated by drawing since childhood, his beginnings in graffiti go back to 1995, when he discovered in this art – the ideal vehicle of expression to channel his restlessness. In this way, he started a long artistic pilgrimage of more than one decade which has evolved progressively towards a technique that is increasingly refined and detailed. A versatile artist, he has tried to combine the dynamism and spontaneity of graffiti with a more traditional work to obtain pieces that are full of freshness.

At his beginnings, he experimented with tridimensionality, playing with the volumes of pieces through perspective and different ranges of colour. He endows his work with fine strokes, vivid colours and sharp forms.

His experience in urban muralism is linked to La Coma 7 art group, founded in 1998 by its six members. Since then, it has created numerous compositions with different artists in a long journey through different countries of the world. In 2008 it became part of the prestigious OGT international art group.

His work combines graffiti with a variety of tools such as airbrushes, pistols, brushes or rollers. Each new project is a rupture and a new learning process. He has created pieces exclusively with pen on paper (Boligraff), using mixed techniques and fire on wood (Más madera, Ánimas…) and ephemeral illustrations with laser pens. His subjects are as varied as nature, human beings and iconography related to the consumer society, all containing the common element: disturbing realities. A sentence written on a New York train has marked him for life: “The only thing I know is that I can’t stop.”


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