Adriespeleo (ES)

Adriespeleo (ES)

Adrián Vázquez got into photography while he was working on documenting cavities in the Bierzo area and on a guide to exceptional places in Northern Spain.

Nocturnal photography captivated him completely and it has become a fundamental component in all his outings. He not only looks for the photo when he goes out to a location, but he also loves the documentation; knowing what he’s photographing, learning the history and culture of each place – factors that he considers very important when it comes to creating photographs, and something which serve as an inspiration.

He likes challenges – photographing places that are difficult to find and access, and he has been taking nocturnal landscape photos for six years. It is something that has allowed him to meet great photographers and cavers.

He has been a photographer in the Espeleofoto association for two years – an impressive team that carries out photographical reports on all types of cavities, amongst them, the Cueva del Soplao and numerous other caves both in and outside of Spain. In September 2016, the International Conference of Subterranean Photography will take place in the north of Burgos (in Soncillo) and will be organised by this association. He is also involved in the Alto Asón Project, which involves photographing the most important cavities of this Karst massif Regarding nocturnal photography, he continues to document places with the idea of putting on a photography exhibition, which will open in August 2016 in Medina de Pomar in the province of Burgos. Furthermore, he has given numerous courses and participated in talks on nocturnal and subterranean photography.
In the future he hopes to be able to produce a publication which outlines this great adventure to which is completely committed.


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