Jadikan (FR)

Jadikan (FR)

For more than 10 years, Jadikan has been practicing lightpainting. With a desire to constantly question his vision on photography, he keeps on experimenting cutting-edge R&D artistic production to modify the way to enjoy lightpainting artworks :

Solid-Light (2013) / relief photography project with an original stereoviewer . www.Solid-Light.com

Light is not flat (2011, …) / multiple synchronized cameras for 3D lenticular printing or “bullet time” effect . www.lightisnotflat.tumblr.com

an ongoing project about full spheric panoramic lightpainting photography to be seen in Virtual Reality headset…

Invited to exhibit his artwork around the world since 2010, he is now a regular performer. Nuit Blanche Paris, Sharjah Light Festival, Miami Art Fair …

In 2016, Jadikan handpicked a production team for his limitless imagination : www.Kaaya.Space


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