Hannu Huhtamo (FI)

Hannu Huhtamo (FI)

Hannu Huhtamo is a 34-year old visual artist from Helsinki, Finland. Since 2008 Hannu’s main area of expertise has been light art and long exposure photography. Hannu’s light art photography consists of
amazing light flowers and fauna which he masterly draws into various locations using the elements of the current environment and ambient lightning. One of the Hannu’s trademarks is the symmetry of the light
forms and his ability also to draw simultaneously with both hands.

Hannu is also part of the Valopaja light art collective that organizes workshops and interactive live light painting performances in which
the audience has the opportunity to be a part of the show by creating light art of their own. Hannu has also developed computer software that imitates cameras long exposure effect so that the audience could
see the light trails drawn in real time.

Hannu’s work has gained a lot of attention in the art world all over the internet and has been featured in magazines and art books. Today he is one of the most well known light painting artists in the world.


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