Originally from the Paris suburbs (Cergy, Val d’Oise), I was influenced from childhood by the urban world around me. Passionate about design, graphics and photography, I’ve discovered the Light Painting at the end of 2009. This new creation tool allows me to work on different creative routes from portrait to landscape through abstract compositions.  

Since 5 years, I’ve proposed different interventions in light painting (workshops, portraits, live performances, etc …) to share my passion with many others.

The light painting allows me to create light and unreal universe, I make very graphic photographic compositions, close to the look of compositions made by computer. I am also influenced by graffiti or Arabic calligraphy and I try to combine it all to create a varied universe.

Whenever I can, I work with other artists and try to go further in my research by working on projects that combine light with other disciplines as dance or performing arts (contortionist juggling …).


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