Darkredteam (ES)


Group created on 10th May 2012 in San Sebastian and, as often happens, it was almost by chance. They’d liked photography for ages. When they discovered Light Painting and, almost immediately, the great possibilities of this technique. What we never guessed was that the night would also captivate us.

Each time they would introduce more and more into each technique, they`d look at other artists’ work, Spanish as well as from the rest of the world.

After two years of learning and many hours of practice, they decided to create complete projects, much more complex and with innovative techniques, without completely forgetting the learning aspect. From this point on, we have achieved recognition for our group in Spain and abroad, something we’d never dared think about when we started.

As a group, we have done various activities these last three years; workshops, speeches, round table and courses. Stands out a project for the promotion of Philips in Spain and Portugal


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