Lichtfaktor (GE)

Lichtfaktor (GE)

Using light as an expression of creativity is one central key element of the german based LICHTFAKTOR collective.

The crew contains photographers, artists, performers, designer and engineers.

Constantly evolving their skills and developing new methods, combining the „well-known“ with novel techniques, their expertise is steadily rising.

Taking advantage of self developed software and equipment, the portfolio comprehends creating animation-films, innovative Live-Shows as well as running successful Event Photo Booth activities.

Producing out-of-the-box projects their artwork appears on print, web and TV media-campaigns and live on stage.

What‘s so special and outstanding about LICHTFAKTOR besides their professional know-how and artistic demand in particular is visible in every single part of their work: they just love what they do.

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One more nice detail, this year is our 10th Anniversary;)