“Lightpainting Animation Workshop” (Lichtfaktor)

15th Friday – 22:00 – 6h

The workshop will take place at the Parque San Francisco, close to the Auditorium. It will last approximately 6 hours and will be for a maximum of 10 active participants. You can attend as a spectator as long as they do not interfere in the workshop development.

Attendees and Lichtfaktor team will work on creating a small urban stop-motion animation. This would involve the creation of numerous frames, hence the great length of the workshop. A preview of the video will be displayed on Sunday, last day of the convention

Check what Lichtfaktor crew tell you:

Experience the fun and joy of LightPainting Animation. Be part of the Crew, Lichtfaktor is a Cologne based LightPainting Collective with 10 years of experience in LightPainting Animation. Animate your paintings in a 3 Dimensional space, interact with objects use the city as your canvas. All it needs it’s you, a nice idea, a bunch of light sources and allot of passion.

You can bring your tools with you. The idea of the animation will be developped among all of you.